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BonNed is one of the most experienced and respected construction firms in the Caribbean. We have been transforming the ideas and visions of our clients into the best of projects. We build with the intention of exceeding our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics. We deliver finished products that stand the test of time.


We remain true to the principles on which our company was founded: providing superior service to our clients; putting safety first; creating opportunities for our people; delivering exceptional work; fostering innovation; acting with integrity and strengthening our communities. These tenets unite us as one company and guide every aspect of our business.

Erik van Wordragen     |    Director 


I was born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was 20 years old, I went with Frank Schokker to

St Martin and immediately fell in love with the Caribbean islands.  After finishing my last job as a supervisor for the infrastructure for the new Princess Juliana Airport in St Martin, Frank, as director of Avalon, asked me to assist him in establishing a new company in Bonaire as general manager. I accepted this challenge, and BonNed Contractors BV was born.  


Since 2007, BonNed has always been on an upward trajectory, and little by little we became better organized.  For the last 3 years, we have become the well-organized and stable company we are today.


Starting in 2007 as a General Manager, I became a shareholder and director in 2011.

I look forward to improving BonNed Contractors BV and ensuring that our company will remain one of the leading construction companies of Bonaire.                                           


Frank Schokker       |       Director 


I was born and raised in the Netherlands. In 1986, I was send to Aruba with the Royal Dutch Marines and decided to return to the Caribbean in 1987 along with Erik. After many years of having my own businesses on St Martin, I received a recommendation to start a company on Bonaire.  At that time Erik was working with me in St Martin as a supervisor and I was happy he agreed to come to Bonaire in 2007 as a general manager for the newly established company, BonNed Contractors B.V.


In the first years, I only came to Bonaire a few days a month, since the last few years when we were awarded bigger contracts, I have started to  spend more time on Bonaire. The cooperation between my partner, Erik, and myself is stronger than ever.

Over the years, we have been able to create a very young and professional team with highly educated staff members. It is a pleasure working with this positive and talented staff.

I see a great future for BonNed, and I am proud to be on the team.                                     


Gerwin Hijlkema      |     Project  Manager 

After completing my HTS study, I left for Curaçao and worked for 2 years at Jansen de Jong Caribbean. In order to further myself, I returned to the Netherlands and worked for several large contractors for the next 9 years. However, the world kept calling.

In 2010 I seized the opportunity to move to Suriname with my family, to work as a project manager for MNO Vervat, where I was responsible for the implementation of various projects, such as the rehabilitation of the airport Zanderij and the construction of a large jetty in the west of Suriname. In January 2012, I was also deployed by MNO Vervat, as a project manager on Bonaire.In 2015 I got the chance to be involved as a project manager in the construction of the metro project in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

In May 2017 I started at Bonned Contractors on Bonaire. In addition to managing the larger projects, I am mainly concerned with the preparation of tenders, streamlining the internal operations and together with Erik and Frank I determine the company strategy and objectives. I am an enthusiastic and experienced project manager with a broad knowledge level and an eye for quality and the well-being of the employees. In the execution of the more complex multidisciplinary projects I can use all my creativity and know – how.

Our History


BonNed is a local construction company that has contributed to the recent, modern and up to date development on Bonaire. From cutting-edge school constructions to complex healthcare facilities, BonNed is proud to construct projects that shape the community and strengthen the island’s infrastructure.


BonNed was established in Bonaire in 2007 by Frank Schokker, who owns Avalon construction on St Martin.

Erik van Wordragen came to Bonaire as the General Manager, soon followed by his family.Both Erik and Frank are now the owners and directors of BonNed Contractors BV.


BonNed first started with infrastructure projects, renting staff to larger construction companies who were building on the island. One of BonNed’s first big jobs was the fencing around the airport as a sub-contractor for BWM (Janssen de Jong). After this, more and more work came in.

In November, 2011, Erik van Wordragen became a shareholder in BonNed. By then Erik, who specialized in flooring, had established a good working relation with the hospital (Fundasjon Mariadal) by doing small floor projects. Later, when BonNed obtained additional (local and international) professional staff, they did bigger general projects as well.


Since May 2017 BonNed was joined by Project Manager/Engineer, Gerwin Hijlkema.  Gerwin has wide and international working experience as a civil engineer.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience, BonNed is able to take on bigger and more serious projects where quality and safety always play a major role.


Another top priority of BonNed is to hire local Bonaireans and have projects completed in a timely matter. On this last point, BonNed has been preforming very well, something hardly ever seen in construction on Bonaire.


Development plans on Bonaire include many renovations and new buildings which are needed to ensure a stable infrastructure base. BonNed plays a major role in accomplishing these goals.



Our Team 

Naldo Mercelina 

 Driver / Carrier 

Jolanda van der Mey

Office Manager 

Jan Schouten

Supervisor Carpentry 

Robert de Beer


Gernel Offerman, uitvoerder

Pablo Krul, werkvoorbereider/


Henri Bekman 

Head Supervisor  

Francis Wanga, assistent uitvoerder