Our Carpentry Workshop


4 years ago, in 2011, BonNed obtained all the equipment of another carpentry and started its own Carpentry Workshop. What started out small, slowly became a bigger and more professional workshop. In 2012, investments in machines, equipment and the carpentry supervisor, Jan Schouten, made the workshop complete.


In September, 2015, BonNed again renovated the Carpentry Workshop to bring it up to par with the latest safety-measures; relocating some machines and maintenance to obtain a smoother operation; installing a new exhaust system that makes the workshop almost free of dust and building a prefab yard that meets the latest regulations.


BonNed can now manage any carpentry work, from finished doors/windows to kitchens and countertops for all jobsites and all of the highest quality. Numerous projects include the finished products of the workshop, including the hospital, DIvi Resort, school buildings, and private customers.