Brede School - Papa Cornes 


Located in Nord Salina, construction started in January, 2015, and is divided into phases:

Phase 1:  includes 2 buildings, each with 2 stories and 10 classrooms, a 2 story teachers building and a day care center totaling 24,000 sq ft

Phase 2:  includes an 11, 000 sq ft covered sitting/play area that includes a creativity-room.


The school is being built with modern European construction technics and state of the art AC and electrical installations. It will be the most modern school on Bonaire. The school will additionally accommodate a gymnasium.





Watapana School construction


The Watapana School (Special Needs Education) project was awarded after a public bid. The school is now located in Rincon, but will be relocated to and included in Kolegio Reina Beatrix. The new school will have 5 classrooms, a creativity-room, an educational kitchen and a teachers building, as well as a 5,000 sq ft playground.


Construction is being done in the traditional way with concrete block columns, ring beams, wooden roof trusses, and eternit roofing in a modern design with state of the art climate control air-conditioning and electrical installations.

The project started in March, 2015, and will be completed in February, 2016.




Kolegio San Bernardo


Kolegio San Bernardo was the first project completed within the education housing plan. BonNed was awarded this contract after a public bid.   Construction began in July, 2013, and the school was officially renovated by May, 2014. Kolegio San Bernardo has 4 main class room buildings, 2 sanitary facilities, and 1 teachers’ facility.  The work was done in 2 phases, allowing students to continue their education during the renovations.


Asbestos was removed. Roofs, windows, doors and sanitary facilities were renovated. New electrical lines were installed and facades were repainted.  Kolegio San Bernardo now meets current requirements for educational buildings once more.




Divi Famingo Beach Resort & Casino


BonNed has developed an excellent business relationship with Divi Resorts over many years. Starting 16 years ago with Avalon, a company located on St. Martin, projects from Divi Resorts in Aruba, Barbados, and recently Bonaire, have been added to BonNed’s portfolio.


Last year, BonNed was able to obtain contracts for various phases of the renovations at Divi Flamingo Resort Bonaire. 

These renovation contracts began in early 2014 and will continue until the end of 2015. The following have been constructed:

  • pathways and a boulevard constructed of paving stones

  • construction of a beach with beach sand from Guyana

  • complete renovation of 90 bathrooms

  • lobby renovation

  • renovation of the Pure Ocean Restaurant, the dive shop, public restrooms, and the Flamingo Lounge




Neighborhood playgrounds in Santa Rosa, Amboina, Nord Saliña, Antriol and many others have been commissioned by the NGO platform and completed by BonNed.  This year the elementary school, de Pelikaan, added a playground to their building as well.


All these playgrounds were designed by Bo Bodifée of Bodifee Design.  All the components were built in BonNed’s own Carpentry Shop.





BonNed’s relationship with the hospital began 7 years ago with flooring contracts. What started with linoleum and PVC floors developed into special hygienic and 2 component floorings.  BonNed is the only company on Bonaire that specializes in this type of floor finishing. Slowly, room renovations including ceilings, doors and windows from BonNed’s own carpentry workshop were added to the company’s portfolio.


In 2013, the hospital started a large expansion that is expected to be completed by 2017.

BonNed obtained the contracts for 4 new wings that have been completed –psychotherapy, occupational therapy, addiction treatment and physical therapy as well as the technical buildings that hold the air conditioning, water and gas. All wings meet the newest structural standards, with steel frame construction, insulated roof panels and double insulated walls. BonNed is currently constructing another wing and a nursing home on the same site.