BonNed Contractors BV is always looking for positive and enthusiastic workers, from helpers to carpenters, masons, etc.  

BonNed prefers to work with local Bonaireans because we believe working with local people will also benefit the local economy.  


BonNed has cooperated in various government programs where BonNed educates and supports youngsters who are in their last school years to obtain experience in the field.  One of BonNed’s supervisors is a certified preceptor who helps these students. Already a few of the youngsters have been employed once they left school. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to grow within the company.


New Vacancies will be placed on this website when they become available. In any case, please send your application via email to


If there is no vacancy available, your information will be kept on file in the database and you will be contacted the moment a position becomes available.  

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